Nexa1 has partnered with XenTegra to create XenTegra-GOV, an organization focused on providing information technology products, expertise and customer support to the unique needs of state and local governments.

XenTegra’s Government division will focus on state, local, and education across the United States. These agencies require specific criteria to transact and are a very under-served vertical. Through an exclusive partnership with Nexa1, a veteran-owned, woman-owned business, XenTegra will use its marketing expertise to expand into these departments. “We look forward to working with XenTegra,” said Andrea Gatley, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Nexa1. “As a repeat partner of the year, they are a clear leader among Citrix partners. At Nexa1, we share XenTegra’s belief in ‘true partnership,’ and we work hard to earn and reinforce our clients’ trust. XenTegra’s input will add immediate value to our service offerings and will help us better serve the needs of our clients.”


About Nexa1:
Alpha Dog Systems was created in 2008 by Andrea Gatley to build high end custom computers. We then moved to our strength; helping people with their technology. We launched our Managed Services practice in 2015, and have focused exclusively on business customers since then. In 2017 Alpha Dog Systems acquired Capstone Consulting, and we changed our name to Nexa1. Before Nexa1 and Alpha Dog Systems, Andrea has a long history selling, using and maintaining computers, going all the way back to 1981. She has worked for CompUSA, Staples, Intel, Apple and the US Navy in various technical and sales roles.


About XenTegra:
Andy Whiteside founded XenTegra in 2012 based on the idea that Citrix customers deserved a partner that focused on Citrix solutions as their primary business focus. Andy graduated from North Carolina State University in 1997. Before founding XenTegra, Andy spent over a decade as a Systems Administrator, two years as Microsoft Directory Services Support Engineer, three years as a Citrix Consultant and four years as a Citrix Senior Sales Engineer. Andy has received many awards for his service including the Citrix Sales Engineer of the Year award in 2010. Andy’s experience helping customers ranges from working with large universities, enterprises, medium and small businesses. Focusing on end-user computing that originates from the datacenter has been a focus for Andy for the past eight years. Enabling the Citrix community has been a priority for Andy over the past five years and founding XenTegra has given him a way to continue to do this.

XenTegra - Citrix US Partner of the Year
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