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  • When you’re signed in to your Office 365 account, turn on your microphone and make sure it works (Microphone settings).

  • Go to Home > Dictate.

    Showing Dictate UI in Word

    (In Outlook, go to Message Dictate.)

  • Wait for the icon to turn red.
    Showing Dictate icon after selection

  • Start talking. As you talk, text appears in your document or slide.

  • Speak clearly and conversationally. Insert punctuation by saying the name of the punctuation mark you want to add.

  • If you make a mistake while dictating, move your cursor to the mistake and fix it with your keyboard. No need to turn off the microphone.

  • When finished, select Dictate again to stop typing.

How to Add Punctuation

Say the following phrases to add punctuation to your text:

  • Period
  • Comma
  • Question mark
  • Exclamation point
  • Exclamation mark
  • New line
  • New paragraph
  • Semicolon
  • Colon
  • Open quote
  • Close quote
  • Open quotes

  • Close quotes
Language Availability and System Requirements

Dictate works with the language you have set up as your editing language in Office. Currently, supported languages are English as spoken in the United States and Canada, Chinese as spoken in the Peoples Republic of China, and Spanish as spoken in Spain and Mexico.

Microsoft is working to have Dictate available in more locales and languages: English in more locales, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Operating system requirement: Dictate works in Windows 8.1 and later.

Dictate requires an Internet connection.

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