The scammers are at it again. Since we’ve all caught on to the tech support scam, they’ve started a new one to try to get into your computer. It’s still “Microsoft” calling, but this time they’re going to auto-bill you $599 for “your computer service subscription”. It also appears that they’ve given up on having actual people making the initial call, it’s a robo-call now.

“As your computer service subscription will be auto-renewed, there will be an auto-deduction of $599 from your bank account. In case you don’t want to be charged, please call us to cancel your subscription. Our toll-free number is 1-888-928-7888. I repeat, the number to call is 1-888-928-7888. This call may be recorded for training and analysis purpose.”

I didn’t call back this time, but others have. What they’re trying to do is get you to let them remote access your computer to “cancel your subscription”. Don’t do this. It’s a complete scam.

  1. Microsoft will never call you.
  2. Microsoft will never call you to renew anything, they’ll just let it expire.
  3. Nobody can cancel a Microsoft subscription by logging in to your computer.
  4. If you already have a Microsoft account (Office 365, etc), feel free to log in to your console and see if you need to make a payment. Don’t click any links that ask you to log in to this console, go directly there by going to either or
  5. NEVER let random people remote access your computer, no matter what they say. There are legitimate reasons for remote access. We use it here all the time. If you’re going to let someone remote access your machine, make sure it’s someone with whom you have an ongoing relationship, like your accountant or your IT company.
  6. Never give out your passwords.
  7. If you’re still unsure, call your IT professional or on-site IT.
  8. Microsoft will never call you.

If you have any questions, Give us a call at 970-639-0629, we’d be happy to give you answers.

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